18 February, 2010

Long Live McQueen

It's been about a week since the sudden and tragic death of British designer Alexander McQueen. I think the world... fashion and beyond... is still recovering.

I'm still shock, but in light of the loss of such brilliance and imagination, we were fortunate enough to experience even a passing glimpse of his otherworldly creativity. Even viewed through my feeble rods and cones spying such inspiration from just a computer screen, it still left me breathless.

We should also be comforted in his legacy. My cousin Connie Lim (yeah, my family isn't too creative in the name dept.), who will be studying design at McQueen's alma mater Central St. Martins in the fall, is immensely inspired by McQueen's work, as is evidence by her artistic re-imagining of McQueen's Fall 2009 collection and is proof of the lasting effect genius can have on others.

I'm really proud of her and her work, which has been featured in Cyana Trendland and Dazed Digital.

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